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Come caving with CSS

Most of our current members live across the South of England and South Wales where we have a cottage adjacent to the Mynydd Llangattock limestone massif. This has some of the longest and largest caves in the country with 65+ kms of explored passages.

Are you new to caving?

CSS welcomes new members, offering them

the opportunity to make new friends and to

learn new skills, exploring the underground

world one cave at a time.  The UKcaving

forum has launched an attractive website.

CHELSEA SPELÆOLOGICAL SOCIETY Exploring underground across the UK and beyond
CHELSEA SPELÆOLOGICAL SOCIETY Caving in Wales, the South of England, and beyond

BCA access campaign to

resume after AGM vote

The British Caving Association’s 2017 AGM on 11 June in Castleton voted by a very large majority amongst its clubs and individual members to alter their Constitution by deleting the sentence calling for respect of landowner’s wishes in all circumstances.  This and other constitutional changes go to a postal ballot. Clearly it is inappropriate to encourage any landowners who want to act as if statutory recreational access rights do not exist.  The troubled clause 4.6 had been used by a vociferous minority at the 2016 AGM to halt the BCA’s campaign for better public access.  BCA then got itself into a mess by interpreting its own constitution as meaning that it could not pursue the access campaign authorised by the postal ballot that BCA commissioned in 2014.  So this year’s AGM voted to confirm that the present constitution contains no impediment to the BCA access campaign.  This vote restarts
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the access campaign immediately, whatever yet another postal ballot on constitutional change expected later this year may bring. Other changes voted through were to make electronic ballots the default but to retain a postal ballot option. This begs the question of how secure electronic ballots would be organised and by whom.  Professional training is to be separated from amateur caving by forming a new committee. Of the three proposals for proxy voting systems, two were withdrawn and one was won by a simple majority but it did not clear the 70% hurdle to effect a constitutional change.  A total of eight other motions were withdrawn.

Welsh Government begin

new access legislation

Read the full story on the news page.