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Come caving with CSS

Most of our current members live across the South of England and South Wales where we have a cottage adjacent to the Mynydd Llangattock limestone massif. This has some of the longest and largest caves in the country with 65+ kms of explored passages.

Explore the amazing

world beneath your feet

The club caters to all levels of caver and

welcomes new members with both broad

and specialist caving interests including

photography, cave surveying, geology,

science, and the discovery of new caves. 

Beginners can acquire practical skills and

know-how, gaining knowledge about caves

and caving in the company of experienced

members while exploring the natural beauty

of the hidden underground world.

CHELSEA SPELÆOLOGICAL SOCIETY Exploring underground across the UK and beyond
CHELSEA SPELÆOLOGICAL SOCIETY Caving in Wales, the South of England, and beyond
Meets Programme News

Additional family meets

Take the family caving this Easter and visit the Dan-yr-Ogof show caves, dinosaur park, shire horse centre and a host of other attractions.  We will be based at Whitewalls cottage Llangattock. Another family friendly meet is planned at Whitewalls for the weekend of 21-22 July.

Additional club meets

We are fitting another two caving meets into the already busy programme for 2017.  These will be based at Whitewalls too on 21-22 May and on 15-16 September.  These may give us the first chance to start work on the Old Daren Sunday School building opposite our cottage if our purchase of the building completes on time ... or we could all just go caving as usual instead.