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Come caving with CSS

Most of our current members live across the South of England and South Wales where we have a cottage adjacent to the Mynydd Llangattock limestone massif. This has some of the longest and largest caves in the country with 65+ kms of explored passages.

Explore the amazing

world beneath your feet

The club caters to all levels of caver and

welcomes new members with both broad

and specialist caving interests including

photography, cave surveying, geology,

science, and the discovery of new caves. 

Beginners can acquire practical skills and

know-how, gaining knowledge about caves

and caving in the company of experienced

members while exploring the natural beauty

of the hidden underground world.

CHELSEA SPELÆOLOGICAL SOCIETY Exploring underground across the UK and beyond
CHELSEA SPELÆOLOGICAL SOCIETY Caving in Wales, the South of England, and beyond

Castlemartin Access

Only two access briefing meetings for 2017 remain.  These are on 25th May 6pm and 27th May 10am.  If you miss these, then you must wait until 2018! Attending a briefing allows you to get a badge to enter the Range West military area valid until May 2018 to explore for caves on spectacular cliffs within the tank firing range when it is not in use.

Rhydymwyn Tunnels

Disused WW2 / Cold War tunnels were opened to the public on 22nd April by Ken Skates the AM for Clywd South. Mr Skates, pictured, is the former Minister for Culture, Tourism and Sport, and he currently holds the Economy and Infrastructure portfolio.
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