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Come caving with CSS

Most of our current members live across the South of England and South Wales where we have a cottage adjacent to the Mynydd Llangattock limestone massif. This has some of the longest and largest caves in the country with 65+ kms of explored passages.

Are you new to caving?

CSS welcomes new members, offering them

the opportunity to make new friends and to

learn new skills, exploring the underground

world one cave at a time.  The UKcaving

forum has launched an attractive website.

CHELSEA SPELÆOLOGICAL SOCIETY Exploring underground across the UK and beyond
CHELSEA SPELÆOLOGICAL SOCIETY Caving in Wales, the South of England, and beyond

Single rope technique:

SRT skills and practice

Join the event at Whitewalls on Saturday Sept 16th to brush up your SRT skills on a local quarry face or try out alternative equipment.  Don’t know what a ‘rack’ descender is, or the fun of abseiling without using your hands?  Find out how it is all done from your friends.  Just turn up 9-10am on the day with whatever gear you have including waterproofs or caving oversuit for the quarry visit in case it rains.

Welsh Government Access

Consultation - please help

The public consultation closes on 30th Sept and as many individual caver responses as we can muster are needed.  All it takes is a short letter or email from yourself and there is a template on the Cambrian Caving Council’s website along with a download of the full response sent by CCC and a short summary.
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