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Trips, meets and events for 2019. At time of writing some venues and dates are provisional. Other items and additional detail will be added as it becomes available. Contact the Meets Organiser - Helen Pemberton for more information.
CHELSEA SPELÆOLOGICAL SOCIETY Caving in Wales, the South of England, and beyond
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UPCOMING MEETS January 25-27 2019 - Whitewalls Annual Dinner and AGM Weekend With caving trips to Llanelly Quarry Pot and the Annual Aggy Bat Count followed by dinner at The Bear, and the club AGM on the Sunday. February 22nd-24th - Whitewalls Weekend This will be an “off the beaten track” weekend, where we go to all the really random bits of our local caves that we’d normally march straight past. Helen is keen for the challenge of Trident Passage in Aggy, but suggests the alternative of “put the tail on the survey” on Friday after some beers, and go wherever the pin takes us. Saturday night will be a booze themed evening with the beverage of choice yet to be decided; so far contenders are Rum and Brandy based spirits or cocktails. March 29th-31st - Mendip April 19th-22nd - Easter in North Wales April 26th-28th - ODSS Working Weekend Scaffolding and preparation for the upcoming re-roofing work. May 24th-June 2nd - Old Daren Sunday School re-roofing week A week of working in the glorious Welsh sunshine, supping beer and constructing a roof of magnificence that we can all enjoy. Helen has commandeered Saturday 1st June to be our first CSS “Glamour Night” so bring along your sequined outfits and classy cocktails. Suggested caving trips for this weekend are Little Neath River Cave and Ogof Rhyd Sych. June 28th-30th - Whitewalls Summer BBQ A fun packed weekend of caving, beer and barbequed food. July 4th-8th - NAMHO Conference Mid-Wales July 26th-28th - TBC August 23rd-26th (Bank Holiday) Caving in the North York Moors -Trips to include the Jenga/Excalibur Pot through trip, which has only been possible since 2015 and has some good unspoiled formations to see. Hopefully we should also get the chance to visit a recently discovered jet mine, and Bogg Hall Rising, which has fish and an otter in residence (wetsuit needed). This will be a good weekend for doing some more unusual caving trips. In the absence of caving huts it’s likely that we’ll be camping, and Helen would appreciate it if people would let her know they’re coming in plenty of time for her to organise this (bearing in mind this is a Bank Holiday Weekend and will be busier than usual). September 6th-8th - Rescon Cave Rescue Conference - Mendip September - Hidden Earth - Date and venue TBC October - TBC November 1st-3rd - Whitewalls Bonfire Weekend A weekend of caving, fireworks, fire and feasting. December 6th-8th - Whitewalls Curry Weekend A caving and home-cooked curry themed weekend.