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May 20-21st Caving Meet

based at Whitewalls

This might be the first chance to do some amusing modifications as well as urgent maintenance on the Old Daren Sunday School building opposite Whitewalls if our purchase of the property completes on schedule.  Or just go caving instead...

May 26th-29th - Yorkshire

This is the Bradford Winch Weekend, so Gaping Gill with its multiple through-trip options will definitely be on the cards for one day. Other trips are still to be decided, and these may focus less on SRT than usual. We are staying at the Craven Club hut.

June 23rd-25th Summer

BBQ at Whitewalls

Excellent local caving, plus the usual BBQ fun and food. Proposed trip for Saturday - Draenen Waterfall Series.
CHELSEA SPELÆOLOGICAL SOCIETY Caving in Wales, the South of England, and beyond
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July 14-16th

Pembrokeshire Coast

A weekend camping on the dramatic Pembrokeshire coastline, with a trip to Ogof Gofan and kayaking around the sites of speleological interest along the coast.

July 21-22nd Family Meet

at Whitewalls

Another opportunity to go caving with the kids and with other families - or try some different activities in the National Park like kayaking on the River Wye and mountain biking at Forestry Commission centres.
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August 4-6th Mendip

A good dose of Mendip caving, drinking at The Hunters and BBQ feast. Trips to include Charterhouse, Upper Flood, and Swildon’s. We are staying at the SMCC hut.  
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