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Upcoming club meets: how

they work and what to do

If you’ve not been to a CSS bonfire or curry night before then you don’t know what you have been missing.  These are prime social events in the club’s calendar. The bonfire in our cottage garden gets built during the day and usually gets lit about 8pm.  Communal hot food beforehand (like chilli and baked potatoes vege option and some sort of dessert) is provided at cost. One barrel of Wadworth 6X and another of Gower Gold have been ordered and they will be ready to drink from Friday night onwards. It’s best to bring one big firework than lots of small ones. We set them off from 8-10pm only so as not to annoy neighbours’ horses which are usually given a sedative! The curry night is more of a curry testing event.  Everyone brings or cooks a home made curry dish.  Make enough for about 3 people only and we can then all try a small portion of each other’s. Indian, Thai, African, whatever, is OK so long as it is home made. Rice, poppadums and pickles etc will be provided communally at a small cost. Bring your own drinks to the curry night as there will NOT be a barrel available at this event.

Wine of the month

Tragically, it seems Aldi no longer sell their

‘numbered’ series, but Lidl have got another

medal winner now.  Buy some while it lasts.

Encostas de Caiz Avesso (£7.99) is Lidl’s

top rank Vinho Verde made from an unusual

grape variety called Avesso. Delicate acidity,

refreshing, balanced and full-bodied.  Serve

this well chilled.  Perfect for the curry night

but buy it now as this wine will sell out.

Fake cave formations?

Thumbing through some photos taken at various times of the ‘Snowball’ formation in Ogof Draenen, it’s been discovered that the rumour that it is a fake is true.  Many people must have scratched their heads wondering how such a ball could form where it has. The answer is that it didn’t form where it is sitting now.  It has been moved out of the original rift to a pose on top of the boulder for a photo, gaining muddy spots dead centre in the process.  Naughty.  The third photo shows the blobs photoshopped away. Sunday School purchase CSS has finally done it, and the club now owns the Old Daren Sunday School building opposite Whitewalls.  Little more than a shell right now, the committee invites ideas and help from members to renovate it.  Club members began the restoration recently by clearing the inside room, digging a ditch to the rear wall to improve the drainage, and exposing the stone steps to the tramroad.

What next, fake news?

Please send your photos,

genuine news stories,

features and development

ideas to the webmaster

CHELSEA SPELÆOLOGICAL SOCIETY Caving in Wales, the South of England, and beyond

Ogof Nant Rhin

Costain completed the positioning of the bridge

carriageway sections at the top of the Clydach

Gorge over the weekend of 7-8th October.  A

gigantic crane was used, said to be the largest

in Europe, and costing £500,000 to rent for the

2-week long exercise.  The upper split level

carriageway section near to Ogof Nant Rhin

was also blasted during the same weekend, 

lowering the bedrock by between 0.5 to 2.5

metres at opposing ends of the new section.