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Curry Night December 2nd:

how it works, what to do

If you’ve not been to a CSS curry night before then you don’t know what you have been missing.  It is one of the prime events in the club’s social calendar. More of a curry testing event, everyone brings or cooks a home-made curry dish.  Make enough for about 3 people only and then we can then all try a small portion of each other’s cuisine. Indian, Thai, African, whatever, is OK so long as you made it. Rice, poppadums and pickles etc will be provided communally at a small cost. Bring your own drinks as there will NOT be a barrel of beer provided at this event.

Wine of the month

What a pity that Aldi no longer sell their

‘numbered’ series, but Lidl have got another

medal winner now.  Stunningly structured.

Encostas de Caiz Avesso (£7.99) is Lidl’s

top rank Vinho Verde made from an unusual

grape variety called Avesso. Delicate acidity,

refreshing, balanced and full-bodied.  Serve

this well chilled.  Perfect for the curry night

but buy now as this wine ought to sell out.

New Cambrian Caving

Council Secretary

After the retirement of Rob Jones for health reasons, Allan Richardson from SWCC has been co-opted into the role of Secretary. All officer posts are up for election at the AGM on March 11th 2018 in South Wales.

Let’s siarad Wenglish

People are asking why the first letter of some

words changes in Welsh. We’ve seen this

happens with gender, as in adjectives like

du/ddu (black). It also happens after the

definite article (y - the) but only if the next

word is feminine. So ‘pont’ (bridge) becomes

‘y bont’ and ‘tref’ (town) becomes ‘y dref’.

Feminine words beginning with ‘rh’ and ‘ll’

don’t mutate in this context, so ‘yr llong’ (the

ship) is correct.  The BBC guide to the whole

letter mutation system in Welsh is here.

As a learner it is best just to memorise the two word forms ‘pont’ (a bridge) and ‘y bont’ (the bridge) and not become driven by rules. Notice also in the above example that there is no indefinite article (a/an) word in Welsh.

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CHELSEA SPELÆOLOGICAL SOCIETY Caving in Wales, the South of England, and beyond

Ogof Capel access uncertain

Despite several requests during the autumn, Costain

has yet to provide a timetable for the closure of Ogof

Capel to cavers as the A465 dual carriageway road

works move to the middle section of the Clydach

Gorge. Their conservation plan, which is considered

by some to be unworkable, is to fit a series of plastic

tubes through the cave entrance series to preserve

access for bats should the roof fall in as a result of

road works going on above. Welsh Government is

consulting on small modifications to the dualling

scheme, including a new footbridge at Blackrock

which will provide access to the southbound bus stop

and Devil’s Bridge footpath: closing date 14th Dec.

The permanent loss of the ‘big layby’ on the A465 makes it harder to reach Ogof Nant Rhin as the only options seem to be following the Nant yr Hafod stream (with owner’s permission) or parking on the east side of the gorge then fording the Clydach river, but again there is no right of way.  Likewise getting back to minor road leading to Blackrock after doing a through trip from Ogof Pont Gam to Ogof Nant Rhin is going to involve following the Nant yr Hafod or making use of a new subway connecting the Pont Harry Isaac path with the west side of the gorge having got on to that path somehow.  Costain have said that the company just builds the roads to specification and is not responsible for the planning aspects.