Ogof Craig a Ffynnon

A popular and well-decorated cave in the Clydach Gorge, only a short drive from Whitewalls. Though not connected to Daren and Aggy, Ogof Craig a Ffynnon is undoubtedly part of the same cave system, but with the bonus of wonderful cave formations that are far more easily reached. The Hall of the Mountain King is especially impressive.


Access is available to any bona fide caving clubs with membership to BCRA or similar body. Information rescued in 2019 from the currently offline MLCMAC (Mmyndd Llangatwg Cave Management Advisory Committee) website is available below. Please note that some of this information is slightly out of date, but the contacts and access procedures are still valid:

CSS members can access the cave at any time using the club keys held at Whitewalls.


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Ogof Craig a Ffynnon is just a short drive from Whitewalls. The best way to get there is drive along the tramroad (Hafod Road) to the end, then at the roundabout opposite the new Gateway Bridge take the first exit along the Old Abergavenny Road. Continue along this road until you reach a layby overlooking the A465 where there should be space to park. To find the cave walk a little further down the road to the ‘Clydach’ sign next to an old limekiln. Follow the rough track heading into the quarry, this leads towards the cliff face and the climb up to the large and obvious cleft with the gated entrance to Craig a Ffynnon at the rear.

Popular Destinations in Craig a Ffynnon

  • Hall of the Mountain King - This is the usual destination for first-time visitors to Craig a Ffynnon and the trip involves a bit of everything from ladders, climbs and squeezes to large chambers and impressive formations.
  • The Promised Land and Helectite Passage - Beyond the Hall of the Mountain King, further squeezes and crawling eventually leads to much larger passage and fine formations in Helectite Passage, and ‘The Pagoda’ in the Promised Land.
  • North-West Inlet - This starts with some very deep water and progress down the initial streamway can be very cold, but the reward is the impressively large passage beyond and The Crocodile.

Route descriptions coming soon!

Warning: Craig a Ffynnon is liable to flood in heavy rain. The stream passage near the entrance can fill to the roof in wet weather and the first 90m of North-West Inlet is also flood prone.