Whitewalls Summer BBQ Weekend

A sunny weekend for the CSS Annual Summer Barbecue.

There was a mix of caving activities and also some walking over the weekend. The ropes used to explore the high-level features in Aggy Main Passage were de-rigged, and other caving trips took place within the cave. There was also an excursion a little further afield to Ogof Fawr – a very interesting cave with a different character to that normally encountered in South Wales. This was all followed by a BBQ feast in fine evening weather in the Whitewalls garden, with a barrel of beer provided by Adrian to celebrate his 60th birthday. Two trips to Draenen took place on Sunday, while others enjoyed the sunshine.

Photos from the Ogof Fawr trip

  • Ogof Fawr entrance.

  • Collection of skulls just inside the entrance.

  • One of the interesting sculpted passages.

  • The beehive at Formation Junction

  • Base of the rope climb at the end of the cave.

Photos by Matt and Mandy Voysey

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