Curry Weekend December 2023

A weekend at Whitewalls with a home-made curry night on Saturday, plus a number of activities including a choice of caving trips, two cave digs, an Eglwys Faen clean up, and a Llangattock walk in glorious winter sunshine.

A mix of underground adventures took place on Saturday with two longer caving trips to Daren Cilau and Ogof Draenen, a shorter caving trip in Agen Allwedd, and a digging trip to Pwll Estrys, while others made the most of the sunny weather to enjoy a walk combined with a spot of cave hunting.

The Daren Cilau team did a through trip from the Daren entrance to Ogof Cnwc with a few detours along the way, including investigation of a possible dig in Eglwys Passage, Sponge Passage and as far as the ladder in Preliminary Passage. The Draenen team ventured to Dollimore Series to visit the fantastic Geryon formation, the well-decorated chambers at Circus Maximus and the Into The Blue streamway. The Aggy team visited Main Passage to de-rig the Lone Piton climb now that the high level explorations are concluded.

Back at Whitewalls, a curry banquet was enjoyed by all, with a good selection of homemade curries, side dishes and spicy snacks brought along to share. Eglwys Faen was the main caving trip on Sunday, with a good number of people helping with a litter pick and removal of fire remains in Main Chamber, before embarking on a caving trip exploring all regions of the cave. A large amount of litter was also collected from the bank of the tramroad on the way back. A separate digging trip to Spider Chamber above Midnight Passage in Agen Allwedd also took place.

Photos from the Weekend

  • The Calcite Squeezes, Daren Cilau Entrance Series

  • Jigsaw Passage, Daren Cilau

  • Jigsaw Passage, Daren Cilau

  • Eglwys Passage, Daren Cilau

  • The White Company, Daren Cilau

  • The Antlers, Daren Cilau

  • Calcite squeeze in Antler Passage traverse, Daren Cilau

  • Icicles at the Waterfall Entrance, Eglwys Faen

  • Heading to Eglwys Faen

  • Eglwys Faen Main Chamber

  • Cleaning up a fire pit, Eglwys Faen Main Chamber

  • Eglwys Faen Main Chamber

Photos by Matt Voysey (except icicles by Paul Tarrant)

© Chelsea Spelaeological Society